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Questions Regarding this update

who will need to wear masks?

Following state requirements, all staff will be wearing masks at all times during the day when they need to be in close proximity to each other or children. Specific times they will wear masks are: food prep, diaper or pottying and handwashing. We ask parents to wear masks whenever interacting with teachers. It’s currently not recommended, but Children over 2 can wear masks if you choose.

What will the screening process look like? What if my child is not feeling well?

In our new norm, parents will drop off and pick up children in the parking lot. A staff member will ask a series of health questions and take the child’s temperature every morning before entering the building. If your child has any signs of illness, we ask that you keep your child home or immediately pick your child up. If illness is noticed at drop off, we will ask for your child to be taken home. Children must stay home for 72 hours without fever reducing medicine.

Teachers will also follow the same screening process.

Will my child be in the same class they were in?

Class sizes will be reduced to a 2 teacher to 8 child ratio. Classrooms will open as we meet the needs of families. We will do our very best to keep age groups and friends together, however it may not be in their previous classroom or with their previous teacher. We will announce which classrooms will be open in each phase.

What is the sanitizing routine?

While our cleaning and sanitizing process prior to covid meets cdc cleaning guidelines, we have increased our cleaning and sanitizing process. Toys will be  in play centers on a rotating basis in order to clean and sanitize daily at nap and the end of the day. At nap and the end of the day, every surface in the classroom will be cleaned and sanitized, including shelves, counters, handles and faucets. Soft items have been removed or laundered after use.  Bathrooms and playground and gym toys will also be sanitizer more frequently throughout the day.

What will look different?

For the time being, drop off and pick up will remain outside the building. We will also limit supplies entering the building and ask for them to be dropped off on Monday’s only. Classrooms will have a reduced ratio and children will be encouraged to play with space between them.

Outdoor time is extremely important. We are adding a fence to open a 2nd play area and we will be utilizing our back field as well. Classes will remain separate and not be outside together to the best of our abilities. If they are outside at the same time, they will be encouraged to play with a larger distance.

Events are an integral part of our community at Little Scholars! However events will be cancelled or adjusted as we follow guidance from the state.

Will my child still be learning?

Yes absolutely!!! Your child will be so happy to be around other children and return to the routine of the classroom! Starting June 1, we will implement our summer curriculum! This will include fun theme based units as well as learning skills we want the children to remember over the summer to prepare them for their new class in the fall.

Do you anticipate any struggles returning?

Children have been home for 2-3 months with their most loved people!! We know they will be excited to return to school, but this is another big change for them! We do anticipate children to have a hard time separating from mom and dad as they have grown such a strong bond and attachment at home! Preparing your child ahead of time will help with the separation. Counting down to school when they can see friends and teachers again will be helpful! Also show them pictures of their teachers (especially wearing masks) to help them with the adjustment back.

What is this going to cost?

With the loss of tuition and the increased cost of supplies to prepare for this reopening, the 2020 Tuition Rates will go into effect upon return. There will be an updated tuition rate for the 2020/2021 school year released in August. Once a Little Scholars location fully opens, tuition will be charged for all ENROLLED families using the 2020 Tuition Rates. If at that time you choose to stay home, you can continue to pay the weekly tuition rate to ensure your child has a spot when you need.  If you want to hold a spot for your child for the fall of 2020, the fee to hold your child's spot will be 50% of your child’s tuition. This will reserve a spot in a classroom in the fall. However, this would not guarantee a spot in the summer. If the center reaches capacity, we reserve the right to inform you that we will no longer be able to hold the spot for the holding fee, and if you want to keep the spot, you may have to begin to pay full tuition.  If you cannot afford to hold a spot, you can unenroll your child from our program. This will not guarantee a spot in the summer or the fall. When you wish to return, you can place an inquiry through our website.

What is the new illness policy?

During this time our illness policy will be altered. If a child or staff has a temperature of 100° they will not be allowed to attend the program. Children and staff need to stay home until they are 72 hours fever free without any fever reducing medication.

Any child or staff showing any concerning signs of respiratory issues (excessive coughing, tugging in the chest, wheezing, shortness of breath, etc.) will be sent home and may not return for 7 days plus 3 additional healthy days and must be cleared by a medical professional.  

Any child or staff with a cough paired with a fever will be required to be screened by a medical professional with-in 24 hours. The child or staff must remain out of school for 7 days, plus an additional healthy 3 days. Parents or staff member will be required to contact the owners within 24 hours to inform the school what the illness may be.

If a doctor has cleared your child or the staff member to attend sooner, the medical professional MUST in writing state “_______ (individual’s name) was seen and was evaluated for ___________________. They do NOT have Covid-19 and is able to return to childcare without placing another child or adult at risk”. The medical professional must also include the sickness the child or staff member has as well as the reason behind the cough.

If a staff member or your child or anyone in the home has tested positive or has been in direct contact with an individual who has a positive Covid-19, families must inform Little Scholars via email only ASAP. Your child(ren) will be required to stay home for 14 days.

If for any reason a child in our care or staff member is diagnosed with covid-19, we will immediately close down that classroom and upon guidance from the state may have to close the center for two days up until one week.